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Far away

2014-02-16 ~ 4:29 p.m.

Sorry this isn't really a post, but I am now trying to blog on Tumblr (my former fanfic/creative writing blog) which suits my needs to post random stuff and photos and mini film reviews. It may or may not be updated more frequently than here.

It's been a mix of interesting and boring. I had a throat infection for most of December meaning I missed all the fun of that month, then I spent Xmas watching lots of European films (Persona and We The Living were probably the pick, though I enjoyed the first two Dr Mabuse films, still to watch the third) things have been quiet aside from lots of quizzes. Except for going to the Cameo cinema's birthday party in January thanks to my gf winning free tickets: free beer and cup cakes, standing near Ewen Bremner, free showing of Inside Llewyn Davis. (Seriously nothing written here since September? I have been reading but evidently not writing. November was the month of concerts with MSK, Nick Cave, Vic Godard, and They Might Be Giants.) If only there was a way to turn my Facebook status updates into a meaningful chronicle of life as it is lived. I'm not sure if I'll be writing here more. Based on past performance. But if I know you at all, drop me a line at pottedstu at hotmail dot com or text me or whatever.

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