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Dear friend, I cannot tell the reason why we started well

2013-08-06 ~ 10:43 p.m.

It's been a while.

Lots of dissertation writing. It's taking shape quite well, now. I wrote 3 chapters and submitted them and got feedback and have now written the remaining parts. Just need some heavy editing and proofreading and making-better.

Also busy with the online dating. Lots of emailing. I've been trying not to be too promiscuous with the number of emails I write, both because I should be studying and because it feels weird writing to lots of people at once. I've been out a couple of times with one woman, but we seem to be just friends. I'm on a date with someone else tomorrow, who's kind of a bit different from the types I usually go for, but it'll be interesting, or hopefully fun. And there's a couple of others I've exchanged emails with.

Film/TV-wise, not a huge amount. I watched A Field In England, the very odd recent black-and-white Civil War drama which has something to do with wizards. Entertaining but also headache-inducing in its mushroom-consuming psychedelia. And it turned into a Western towards the end.

There was a really horrible smell outside my flat (or the neighbours) when I got home today. Hard to describe, but really not good. Like the sewer had exploded but there had also been a fire. There were police talking to kids on bikes, but no idea if that was related.

Not done anything in the Festival/Fringe yet (aside from going to the Man Ray art show which started last month). This weekend I should start. Still got lots of studying to do, but I'm incapable of studying continuously for more than a few hours/30 minutes, as last weekend sadly proved.

Also, last week, I was at this event where there's pub quizzers from "all over the world" (i.e. a few places in a few different countries) doing a quiz, and I proved top-equal in Edinburgh. I also met a ridiculous amount of people I know there.

Two of my friends have got engaged in the last couple of months. Is there a time of year for proposals?

Musically, I was listening to Sibylle Baier's Colour Green (on Spotify). I was reading a friend's ancient LiveJournal which mentioned her. German folk singer from the distant past, it was recorded in the early 70s but apparently not released till 2006. Aside from that, more Liliput/Kleenex and Nomi Lamm. It does sometimes feel like every song or artist I listen to is marked with some part of my past, and Baier/Lamm/Slumber Party all connect with sadness in the past. If you've hurt someone and didn't mean to hurt her and she's got over it years ago, it shouldn't matter, but it still does.

Still, new beginnings I hope. Or new emails, at least.

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