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2013-07-10 ~ 10:46 p.m.

I've been getting back into internet dating, or at least internet profile writing/reading. I couldn't work out whether was a scam (there's a lot of stuff online about people not being able to cancel their memberships, and they didn't explain how to cancel it on their website, so maybe you've got to phone up on a premium-rate number and wait in a queue, or maybe people just aren't able to click on a link that says "cancel my membership"), and eHarmony seems odd (supposedly it picks people who match your personality, but it looked very random, plus they're keen on getting you to consider people from hundreds of miles away, which I think is because they don't have many matches nearby). But there's always OK Cupid. Aside from the fact that my ex appears to be on it, and there's a shortage of women around my age unless you like big scary women with lots of rottweilers and black leather and/or people who only read novels with elves in. But at least it's free. I know that as Los Campesinos sang "It's not what you like, it's what you're like as a person" and everything, but I still judge people by their musical taste, taste in books, etc. I don't know if I judge this too much - clearly if it's the only criteria you end up in (500) Days of Summer - but if someone's favourite author is Terry Pratchett then while you can't make any judgment about them as a person you can probably guess they don't care about the novel as art. Although when I was studying my masters in American Lit I think someone on my course said in a private probably drunken moment that her favourite author was Pratchett. Who isn't even American. And I particularly hate steampunks. Be a proper goth or get off the paddle-steamer! I'd rather deal with faux vampires (is blood disease worse than pneumosilicosis from all the coal?)

I do wonder if I do rather too completely have a type that I go for, although it's probably more accurately a couple of types, but certain things recur time and time again. I also feel really fake when asked what's the one thing I'm looking for in a partner or what 5 things I can't live without.

Still pressing on with my dissertation. I've written more than half of the final chapter. I need something big to end with, like some major work of art I can explicate and interpret in a brilliant new way. There's a lot of discussion of male nudity and men's nipples in particular.

What am I partaking in culturally? Last night I started watching She Wore A Yellow Ribbon but I'd seen it because it's the one they always show because it's in colour; it's no Searchers despite its wholesome message about killing Indians to make the US safe for womanfolk. I watched Mephisto, which is about nazis and actors, all rather predictable a story of an actor who's brilliant at playing Mephistopheles making a deal with the metaphorical devil, though the ending is impressively random and impressionistic, as though they couldn't decide whether to reward or punish him and just went for something else.

I've got Songs from the Second Floor and Jubilee on DVD; the second of which I've seen long ago.

I'm still watching New Girl, which does drive me mad a little. I'm not sure if I want Jess and Nick to get together or not. Sometimes they can be lovely together. Sometimes it feels so forced and lame, making the Ross/Rachel thing look like an afterthought. The show's best when it's about the men anyway. Or when it's just about all of them messing around in their apartment.

Musically I'm all about 1. Little Boots 2. Charli XCX 3. The Indelicates 4. Clinic.

At work I read John Carter of Mars, now I'm reading Heart of Darkness. It's modestly funny as well as cruel.

I've been failing miserably at my plans for creative writing every day. This is what I wrote yesterday "A million shadowy Lembit Opiks chasing me with bassoons. Where o where can I go that the woodwind will stop?" I also tweeted something about oboes, which may be related but who can tell?

My two favourite names in the whole world are Lembit Opik and Enver Hoxha. Sorry to Lou Diamond Phillips and László Moholy-Nagy.

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