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Cafe bars, idiots, and pigeons

2013-06-25 ~ 10:25 p.m.

Played poker on Saturday. I drank quite a lot of Leffe/pub quiz wine/cheap Spanish lager so I can't remember the cards in terribly much detail. They weren't good. M provided the refreshments, with cheese and pickled onions on sticks. Also, sausages on sticks for fans of sausages on sticks.

On Sunday, despite being hangover, I decided to get some fresh air, even though it was raining on and off. My first port of call was Longniddry Bents, a charming name for a car park by the sea in East Lothian. It was truly the most miserable place in the world. There were about 15 cars there, all containing people staring sadly out the windows. It wasn't even raining much, just a little drizzle on and off. In the car next to me there was a family, and the mother was sitting in the back seat. I don't know what sort of family goes to Longniddry Bents for the day out and when it's raining remains sitting there. There's an industrial heritage museum 5 miles away!

Afterwards I went further up the coast to Yellowcraigs. Lots of serious-looking women in leather boots or wellies. It had stopped raining, but there was still quite a lot of wind. Not enough to get the sand blowing in your face, but enough for the seagulls to huddle on the beach. Not far off the coast is the island of Fidra which allegedly inspired RLS to write Treasure Island. It's got a lighthouse and a hole in the middle (in the rocks, horizontally), but I didn't see any beardy raggedy shipwrecked man talking about cheese. Maybe the seagulls ate him.

I just got back chapter 2 (of 3) of my dissertation with comments from my tutor, but I'm not daring to look at it yet.

I also re-watched Wings of Desire (still a classic). How can you object to Peter Falk in anything? A film of many riches, whether you want a love story, a philosophical reflection on the isolation and storylessness of modern life, a tour of cold war era Berlin, or some humour from Columbo. Who wouldn't fall in love with a trapeze artist who listens to Crime and the City Solution?

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